Archery Products for Compound Bows


LimbSaver has made innovative, best-of-class archery products for compound bows & traditional recurve bows for nearly 20 years. There is no other archery brand in the world as synonymous with noise and vibration dampening than us. Whether its our state-of-the-art Proton LS3 compound bow or our extensive line of bow stabilizers, our goal is to give you products that work anywhere, made right here in the USA.

Limb Dampeners

Our limb dampeners are the the definitive benchmark in noise and vibration reduction for your bow. They ensure every shot will be quieter and smoother with less wear on you and your equipment.


Bow Stabilizers

Archery is about consistency, and our stabilizers help you be more consistent every shot by helping to balance your bow and eliminate vibrations coursing through your equipment.

AWS Small - Large Transparent - web

Bow Slings

Our Kodiak line of slings for compound bows offers the maximum in comfort and utility. Our innovative NACVOM handle gives you precise control when you need it to ensure your equipment stays with you.


Silent Quiver

Without a doubt, the all-new Silent Quiver is the quietest quiver available on the market. Utilizing the foam-free NAVCOM rubber hood, your broadheads will not go through any unnecessary wear and your arrows will be held securely in position while still being silently accessible.


Bow Sights

Our Prism-Lite Sights incorporate an innovative Light-Trap Collection Technology to efficiently load Ambient Light into the Prism Sight’s fiber optic material. This innovative approach intensifies pin brightness during all light conditions, dawn to dusk!


Accessories &
Replacement Parts

Find replacement parts and accessories to make your sporting life easier.