Recoil Pads

Recoil Pads

Since 2001, LimbSaver has been making the best recoil pads on the market. We don’t simply settle at being the best, but are focused on innovation to get every ounce of performance out of each one of our pads. From Snap-On, to Slip-On, to our all new AirTech technology, rest assured than when you are buying a LimbSaver recoil pad, you are buying USA made and state-of-the-art.

TAC-10 Adjustable Stock

LimbSaver has brought the new Tac-10 replacement stock to their line of incredible recoil pads. It’s innovative design works on both commercial and mil-spec buffer tubes!


Airtech™ Recoil Pads

The all new AirTech™ Recoil Pads are the latest and greatest in recoil reduction technology and represent a significant leap in performance over every other pad on the market.


Classic Recoil Pads

Our classic recoil pads have a lot to offer and are an incredible value. Available precision-fit for many firearm popular models and slip-on for maximum compatibility!


Grind-to-fit Recoil Pads

These recoil pads allow the most discerning firearms enthusiast to custom grind a pad to their exact specifications. No other recoil pad offers this level of customizability.


AR-15 Snap-On Recoil Pad

Reduce felt recoil in a snap! These recoil pads snap on to your existing AR-15 adjustable stock to provide a new level of comfort for your weapon system.


MAGPUL® Recoil Pad

Reduce the amount of felt-recoil by up to 50% with this revolutionary recoil pad. Made specifically for MAGPUL® MOE (310 & 400 Only), CTR, STR, ACS, ACS-L, UBR and Mil-Spec stocks.