Comfort-Tech Weed Trimmer & Utility Sling

Comfort meets state of the art technology.

The Comfort-Tech Weed Trimmer and Utility Sling, was designed with two goals in mind – amazing comfort and ease of use. The contour design of the shoulder sling keeps the power tool in balance while reducing body fatigue and the universal one-click easy on/easy off connection makes it a perfect fit for trimmers and brush cutters.


  • American quality craftsmanship
  • Dynamic balance control
  • Waterproof, UV and solvent resistant
  • Reduces shoulder & body fatigue
  • American quality craftsmanship
  • Designed for right or left hand use
  • 1 Click easy on/easy off
  • Full range adjustability
  • coreycomfortgrip


    Comfort-Tech Grip Wrap

    Enhanced Grip Stability.

    The innovative Comfort-Tech Grip-Wrap Isolator specifically addresses hand shock. Its 16in length is perfect for hand tools such as hammers, saws, shovels, rakes, brooms, and many other home and garden tools. The tentacle design maximizes both control and comfort when using tools.


  • Designed for hand power tools including hammers, picks, shovels, axes, machetes, rakes, brooms, saws and many other home and garden tools.
  • Non-slip, even in wet or dusty conditions
  • shaftdampener

    Shaft Dampeners


    The revolutionary New Comfort-Tech Shaft Dampener was designed to reduce overall vibration emitting from weed trimmers, brush cutters and other shaft-driven power tools. Simply attach the Shaft Dampener directly onto the middle of the shaft of most power equipment and it will reduce continuous vibration by up to 50%.