Larysa Switlyk hunts (and KILLS) with our Proton DT

Here is a fun video from Larysa Switlyk, host of Larysa Unleashed.  It features some great hunting highlights while using her Proton DT bow – In Muddy Girl, of course!


It’s always awesome to see women out there enjoying the success of a good hunt.

To find out more about Larysa, or to watch more Larysa Unleashed videos, go to her website at


  1. says

    Dang that girl can hunt is she taking applications to carry her gear for her? ha ha I would do that for free just as long as i could go to the places she gets to go hunt at and also if i could do a hunt with her sometimes

    • Hannah Woods says

      Seriously! That would be amazing. You could always contact her on her website. Never hurts to ask, right?

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