LimbSaver Recoil Pads – Top Rated on Amazon

It’s no secret that to our customers, LimbSaver recoil pads are the best money can buy. Want proof? Our pads hold the top 3 customer rated positions for the world’s largest online retailer, Click Here.



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  1. says

    Do you have a slip on recoil pad for a Mossberg model 935 shotgun. If so what is the number and how and where can I buy one.
    Thank You,
    William Cavenaugh

    • limbsaver says

      Hey William,

      Our 10201 Precision-fit recoil pad will fit your synthetic-stock Mossberg 935. You can call us here between 8:00am-4:00pm PST and one of our sales staff can take great care of you.

      Thanks and have a great day!

      Levi Woods
      Media Production Manager

  2. Quentin says

    Do you have a slip on that will fit over your 10201 precision fit? If so, what size will Work? This is for a Mossberg 500 .

    • limbsaver says

      Hey Quentin,

      Great question! You can double-up recoil pads with any of our slip-on recoil pads, although it will increase your length of pull by up to an inch. I believe your rifle will require a medium slip-on, but you will want to measure your stock and compare it to the recommended sizes in our fitment guide. Scroll all the way to the bottom for slip-on specs.

      If you are looking to kill more felt-recoil, try our Protective Shooting Pad, which can be found locally at many dealers and also online.


      Levi Woods
      Media Production Manager

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